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    dmeinca New Member

      I have a question on the accept list. If I have a range of numbers all in sequence, can I make one entry using brackets for the entire range, and what would that bracket look like is numbers where 5866439-6499

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          dmeinca New Member

          This is assuming I can only have 99 in the accept list on my Adtran 550

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              patrick Employee

              You are limited to 99 entries in the IN#ACCEPT list.

              You can use brackets for each position in the number, so for 6439-6499 you'll need more than one entry because you don't want to allow 6430-6438. So you'd need something like this:





              X is any digit 0-9, so you are specifying the next to the last digit in the number can be 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, and the last digit can be 0-9.

              The 6439 has to be by itself.



              Hope this helps,