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    Netvanta 3140 issue with DHCP assignments

    ecarter New Member

      I have noticed lately my router is not assigning DHCP to some devices.  My mac this morning would not draw a DHCP from the router.  It auto assigns.  I have noticed some of our Mitel VOIP phones if powered off and on will hang at "waiting for IP assignment".  Ultimately i am having to reboot the router to get it to assign DHCP.


      There are no other DHCP servers on our network.


      Attached are screen shots of the current configuration.

      The work around this morning was to hard code IP information in the mac and it came on the network fine.


      Any assistance would be appreciated.



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Your pool is limited to 21 devices and configured with a one-day lease. It's most likely that you're exhausting the available addresses, especially if you support phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices. I'd cut way back on the excluded addresses, maybe reserve through for the router itself and any servers, printers, and other statically configured devices. Delete the excluded addresses listing that starts at 121. If you really need 230 addresses for static devices, consider expanding to a /23 subnet or putting the static devices on a separate routed subnet. Shortening the lease time to an hour may also help, but it looks like the pool is just too small with that many held back in excluded ranges.

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            ecarter New Member

            I never considered that @Jayh.  I have deleted the excluded range 121-230.  Let me see if that opens it up.