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    15319 ADTRAN AOS Question

    dw! New Member

      I have a configuration on a 1531p model, gigabit-switchport 0/7 that states "power inline never". I am trying to remove it from being on this particular port, however there is not a "no" command to take it off the port. I've looked through the documentation for the AOS Commands and dont see one where by I can take this off of this port. If I try to ype in the command "no power inline never" it returns an error, "unrecognized command? Suggestions on how to remove this? Also the command power inline limit 2 is on this same port, and the 'no" command doesnt work for taking this off the port either.


      Suggestions are welcome as I am new to ADTRAN, a little more familiar with CISCO.


      Thanks Doug

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          derekk Employee



          use "power inline auto"




          con t

          interface gigabit-switchport 0/1

          power inline auto



          show power inline


          do show power inline (if you are in config mode)

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              dw! New Member

              Thanks Derek.


              There seemed to be no way to get it removed from the port. I reset it to factory, and then just dropped my config back on to the switch. I think I may have a vlan issue of some sorts. I configure the port and the phone want come up, I believe that port may not be in the correct vlan. I'll have to look in to it further.


              I did apply the power inline auto to the port, phone still wouldn't come up. CLI kept showing on the command line, port switched from searching to fault, then fault to searching. not sure exactly whats going on with it. more troubleshooting needed.

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                  derekk Employee

                  A VLAN configuration issue shouldn't prevent the phone from powering up properly, especially if the CLI output when you plug it in states that it is faulting. I would try to troubleshoot to find the common denominator regarding power delivery:


                  Try a different phone to see if it powers up.
                  Try a different port on the switch to see if it is the port.
                  Try to power a different PoE device (wireless access point, video camera, etc.) with the switch.

                  Try the phone on a different PoE switch.

                  Try a different ethernet cable.


                  After a couple of those tests you should be able to determine what is causing the problem and dial it down from there. At least now the switch is attempting to deliver power on the port, but is failing for some reason.