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    5660 and vlans

    thebearak New Member

      I'm a bit behind the times.


      On the 5660 I can set up virtual interfaces on a single physical interface.   My question is simply what do you connect to that physical interface that will recognize the virtual interfaces?


      In my situation, this is a rather simple network.


      Upstream ISP   <==>  NV 5660  <==> NV 1335   <==> clients and other NV switches


      The NV1335 had been used as a router, but we were running into speed issues, so it will be just a switch when the NV5660 gets up and running.


      We have 4 subnets (VLANs) on the NV1335  Need to route between two of them, the others need internet access, but do not need to talk to each other.


      So getting back to my main question.    If I set a port on the NV1335 to trunk the vlans and then assign those vlans as virtual interfaces on a single physical interface on the NV5660, will that work?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          You won't need VLAN interfaces on the 1335 once you're finished other than one to assign an IP to the switch itself for management. IP routing, addressing, and services will be on the 5660. Set up a trunk between the 5660 and 1335, extend the VLANs over it and build the VLAN interfaces on the 5660.