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    Connection between TA624 and Atlas 800+

    nekopan New Member

      Admittedly, I'm going in to this configuration completely blind.

      I have plenty of networking experience, but telephony, T1 lines, DSX, channel banks, etc is a whole different world to me. So, this might be more of a "how do I set this up" sort of question.

      Apologies if this is not the right place for that.


      This setup is not for a production network, just as a POC at the time being. It will be implemented at a later time once I can prove it meets requirements.

      I'm looking to have a complete communication path as indicated below:

      Analog phone --[FXS]-- TA624 --[T1]-- Atlas 800+ --[T1]-- Cisco 2620 Channelized T1


      So far, I can confirm that the connection between the TA624 and the 800+ goes up. The appropriate lights on both devices are green, no alarms.

      Now, I've noticed once hooking an analog phone to FXS port 1 on the TA624, I get no dial tone, and can't dial out anywhere. Customer ring test does ring my phone so I know it's hooked up appropriately.

      I have gone in to the FXS port configuration, port 1, tandem, and enabled dial tone from there. No change.


      I did see a recent post about using the 624 as a channel bank, but it requires the DSX interface. I do have that model, but if someone could clarify what that means for me I'd appreciate it. Info online is a bit cryptic.


      As for the 800+, I have one dial plan, user term pointing 1XXX down to the Cisco. Do I need a "return" dial plan for the FXS lines to come up? If so, would a network termination or user termination dial plan be more appropriate?


      Thanks for any advice / documentation in advance.

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          patrick Employee

          Yes, the T1 connecting to the TA624 has to be configured in the DIAL PLAN as well. It will need to be a USER TERM entry. Each T1 is independent, so having only the T1 to the Cisco configured is only half of what you need to do in the ATLAS.

          If the TA 624 FXS ports are configured for LOOP START, the the ATLAS T1 should also be configured for Loop Start. With the ATLAS T1 configured, the TA624 FXS ports will get dial-tone from the ATLAS. You can break up the ATLAS T1 by channel if you want each FXS port on the TA624 to have a unique phone number. Otherwise you can configure all 24 DS0s in one entry.


          Hope this helps,