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    ISDN 30 ETSI converted to SIP handoff

    telnet_jonanderson New Member

      I have a location in the UK that wants to replace their digital PBX with an IP based PBX. They have a carrier WLR3 ISDN 30 ETSI voice circuit that I'd need to convert to SIP and deliver to an IP PBX.


      For my US sites I'm using 3rd Gen TA908e's to convert carrier PRI handoffs to SIP. Flow is carrier PRI <-> TA T1 0/1 <-> TA GIG 0/1 <-> IP PBX. I'm fairly comfortable configuring these and from what I understand the NetVanta 6310 can terminate / convert this type of UK circuit.


      Can anyone confirm this is the proper unit for this setup? Anyone done this sort of conversion with this type of circuit? Are there any guides or sample configs out there that can help? Any gotchas I should be watching out for? Haven't done a whole lot of international so any info would be appreciated!