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    Flash Player & Management Interface

    ksw54 New Member

      I have noticed that Adobe Flash Player is going to "go away" in December 2020.  Our NV7100 Management Interface has to have Flash Player to run.  Will there be software updates?  How will we be able to manage our system?  Thanks for any information. 

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          bigtuna New Member

          I also have this question regarding AOE. We still use it and would like to know if there are any plans to update to no longer use flash?

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            sireino New Member

            I have copied a response I received from Adtran below:


            Adobe discontinuing the Flash application support within their Chrome browser by 2020 may result in several possible solutions.  One option is to use a browser like Firefox that will continue to support Flash, but that will also have an expiration on it too when they also discontinue supporting Flash in their browser.   You may need to keep a PC on an old Chrome or Firefox version to see the statistics (and keep the binary setup file of the old revision browser in case the PC needs to be rebuilt). 


            Another solution being worked is ADTRAN working to replace all Flash applications within the Web interface to HTML5 so that it's a smooth transition when Adobe discontinues Flash support within Chrome.  HTML5 is an industry standard and not company specific.  Thus, it would not be subject to the decisions of a single company retirement decision.  I know development is actively working on this solution now. I don't know if or when the NV 7100 is in that process.  I will work with the product manager and engineering to determine where this fits into their software rollout.