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    how do I connect to the craft connector on mx2820

    roverjosh New Member

      Hi everyone. Dumb question for NEWB here.


      I can't figure out what I need to be able to configure our new MX2820. I am having issues connecting to the SCU.


      I have a DB9/ USB to serial adapter and access to Cisco cables, Avaya cables etc but I believe I have to access the SCU via the CRAFT port.


      What adapter do I use? Is there a special cable we have to buy to access the management interface on these?


      Sorry, Im used to connecting to Cisco/Lucent/AVAYA switches and routers. I have never had to connect to an ADTRAN MUX before.


      I need to be able to configure the unit with the network IP and management IP.


      Thanks for your help!