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    Netvanta 3200 Ethernet as a Trunk Port?

    rookus New Member

      We have been using the Netvanta 3200 devices to extend our network to remote locations via T-1 interface module.  We have been using the "Transparent" mode to pass everything.  We have recently started incorporating VLan's on our network and VoIP devices.  In the past, we have programmed the ethernet port to pass everything "Transparent", but now we are connecting the switches via "Trunk" ports.  Is there a way to program the 3200's ethernet port as a "Trunk" port?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          The ethernet interface can indeed be configured as a trunk. However, it isn't that easy. What is your goal? Do you want to pass a single VLAN over the T-1 or more than one? The VLAN encapsulation won't natively traverse the T-1. If only a single VLAN is needed you can map that VLAN to the T-1.


          You can accomplish something similar to VLANs by using frame-relay encapsulation on the T1 and mapping each VLAN to a frame-relay PVC.


          You can also use the device as a router and use VRFs to keep your traffic separate on a layer 3 basis as opposed to layer 2..