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    User number substitution not working

    globatech_adm New Member


      we having a issue with user number substitution. We using a extension like 2911 for service call. Those call in night mode are redirect to a external partner whos answer the emergency call. The problem is even if i setup the user config as bellow:

      all the call that were fowarded show the number of the caller and not the replacement "4186862300" and that was causing a lot of problem to the partner to do the right thing with the call.

      The only thing i find to make it work was to put a $ in ANI SUBTITUTION, but that was causing some other issues. Any idea whats wrong?



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          jwable Frequent Visitor

          I think what you need is to change the ANI based on dialed number that would make all calls to the answering service show your Caller ID instead of the original callers id.  Below the NXXNXXXXXX after dnis is the number of the answering service.  So you would put something as follows in your outbound voice  trunk:


          voice trunk T0X

          match dnis NXXNXXXXXX ani 4186862300


          I only use CLI for my configs but if you look under GUI in Voice -> Trunk Accounts -> Service Provider Trunk -> DNIS:ANI Replacement you can create the rule there.  Match DNIS is the number of the answering service ANI is the caller id you want it to show.


          John Wable