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    Netvanta 3140 as SIP SBC

    manzier New Member

      My carrier is usign the Netvanta 3140 for our SBC with two interfaces.  One connected to our pbx(Shoretel connect), the other interface(wan) connected to their circuit.

      We are using options pings to determine if the carrier is alive or not.  If we do not get an ok response Shoretel will take that trunk group out of service and reroute calls to another trunk group.


      Recently we had outbound calling issues do to the WAN side of the Netvanta loosing connectivity.  The carrier is stating that our options pings are being answered by the netvanta and since it's alive it's responding OK.  As such Shoretel never took the trunks out of service and calls continued to attempt to go out this carrier.


      Is there a way for the Netvanta to just pass the options ping through to the carrier rather than respond itself, or if it detects a WAN outage it would then respond other than OK to the optoins pings?


      Just looking to get some options to discuss with the carrier as changing the behavior of the PBX is near impossible.