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    Express Cloud Pro's and Con's

    ticeedwards New Member

      Just wondering what everyone's experience has been with the Express Cloud and any Pro's or Con's you have discovered so far.

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          kennethfernandes Employee


          Low cost high performance APs. Not the low performance residential chipsets you would find in Bestbuy

          No required subscriptions

          Solid feature set for micro/small businesses

          Grow as you go approach



          No phone support or advanced hardware replacement but simply upgrade to ProCare or ProCared NBD if you need it.

          No Cloud SLA but the APs do continue to function if the connection between the AP and cloud is disrupted. If you need cloud SLAs simply upgrade to Elite Cloud.

          Some of the advanced features are not included but these are often not required in micro/small business deployments and if you need them it is still really cost effective to upgrade to Elite Cloud.

          Not a lot of folks have heard of it yet but you can help with that. Try it and tell somebody!