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    VLAN Communication Issue

    oldskier New Member

      I have a 3140 as firewall and it has on port 3 VLAN settings.  We are connected from this to a 1534 that is connected to another 1534.  That last 1534 is connected to another network on VLAN 70 by the providers of this network.  Then we have two IP cameras on their network.  We are able to see the cameras from outside the network through the firewall.


      We cannot see it from the computers on VLAN 1 even though they all are connected with Trunks.  I need to know how to get these two devices to communicate and see the cameras. 


      To see from the outside we use port forwarding for all cameras on VLAN 1 and the ones on VLAN 70.


      The cameras are on DHCP and receive IPs from the router on Both VLANs


      How can I get them to talk.