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    BSAP 3.2.0-HC Has Been Released

    evanh Employee

      BSAP 3.2.0-HC has been released to hotfix a reboot associated with Dynamic Multicast Operation. You can avoid this reboot by updating your AP firmware to 3.2.0-HC. 3.2.0-HC firmware should only be used with 3.2.0-X vWLAN Software.


      For help upgrading, please use Upgrading BlueSocket vWLAN Controllers and Access Points.


      For information around version 3.2.0, please see the BSAP and vWLAN 3.2.0 Release Notes. The software pages on ADTRAN's website are linked below.


      Software Downloads
      vWLAN (Appliance or Virtual Appliance)
      BSAP 1920/1925

      BSAP 1930/1935/1940

      BSAP 2020
      BSAP 2030/2035/2135
      BSAP 3040/3045