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    BlueSocket Aps with Mac Computers

    pjones0033 New Member

      I have recently deployed BlueSocket APs on a customer prem.  They are an exclusive Mac user office.  It appears that after a random amount of time they just stop being able to connect to the internet.  We are unable to ping to the gateway from the Computers and vWLAN still shows it as an active client. ANother tecnician and myself are running Windows PCs and have had no problems. Has anyone else run into this problem? Below is our layout,  I can give you anymore details you may need


      1 Netvanta 3140 Router/Firewall

      1 1531P Switch

      2 BSAP 2020 aps (firmware 3.2.0-HA-65047)

      1 BSAP 2030 aps (firmware 3.2.0-HA-65047)

      vWlan version 3.2.0.HA Build 650478


      Dual SSIDS Customer network and a "guest" network.

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          ricvil New Member

          Same issue here.  Additional facts:


          1.  It happens to iPhones too.

          2.  Our office previously had BSAP 1920s and issue only happened after upgrade to BSAP 2020s.

          3.  Computer seems to lose all connectivity to the internet, but if you do a sustained PING to the gateway and do a packet capture on the computer, you can see sporadic replies delayed by as much as 20 seconds.

          4.  Another computer side by side on the same channel has perfect connectivity

          5.  Turning wi-fi on/off on the computer resolves the issue immediately


          Not sure if we should give up on the 2020s and go back to our trusty 1920s or what.  This has me stumped.

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              daniel.blackmon Employee

              Have you tried to capture at the APs?

              vWLAN and BSAP Traffic Capture Guide


              You would do a wired capture type on the radio interface, and compare that to a capture on the client. I would also suggest an 802.11 wireless capture to see if perhaps you have a lot of retries in the network or perhaps some odd behavior around power save. Mostly I would be skeptical that the 1920s behave better than the 2020s.

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                  ricvil New Member

                  I will perform a simultaneous capture next time on the computer and AP as you describe.   I am not very familiar with the 802.11 option though since it appears it will cut off service completely while it goes into Sensor Mode.  Do I need to have an extra BSAP2020 to do the capture so everybody else isn't affected?

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                      daniel.blackmon Employee

                      This post is about Macbooks, which have wireless capture capability built-in. Windows users might consider Windows Network Monitor or seeing if they can enable promiscuous mode on their NIC directly from Wireshark. Linux users typically have the ability to put their NIC into promiscuous mode as well. But if you don't have any other device capable of capturing 802.11 traffic, then yes you would need another BSAP to capture from.