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    NV6240and T.38

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      Does the NV6240 support T.38 faxing?

      In the feature matrix there a dash in the T.38 column.

      AOS Feature Matrix


      Also in the latest release notes it says:

      On the NetVanta 6240 Series, over an extended period of use, T.38 calls can cause DSP

      channels to cease producing a dial tone and have poor voice quality. Rebooting the unit will

      correct the problem.


      Is this something that is going to be fixed?

      Asking the customer to reboot when voice quality degrades is not really a solution.

      Is there a way to schedule the unit reboot to reboot once a day?


      I have a number of these unit ready to deploy but I want to make sure I'm not going to run into an issue with them.


      Thank you.