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    Netvanta 1638 trunk to cisco 2960x causes lose of internet connection

    mogulsurf New Member

      I have 2 netvanta1638 switches from windstream   vlan 160 (data)   vlan 200 (phones)


      I recently purchased a new cisco 2960x switch..


      I created a trunk port on the cisco and a trunk port on the netvanta


      everytime i connect the 2 trunk ports ..,my users complaint that they lose connecton.


      I verified this with a ping -t and each time I connect the new cisco switch..i lose connection


      anyone have any idea why this is ?


      There are no ip assigned to the cisco only vlan 160 vlan 200


      I originally assinged ip to vlan 1 for managnement thought this was the problem so I took it out...


      all ports are still unassigned expect for port 48 which is the trunk port..


      Im connecting this from my desk ==> wall plate ===> patchpanel ====> to the trunk port on the netvanta switch