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    VLans on 1234P

    mjj4golf New Member

      We have two VLans configured -- a staff(default) and guest(90).  We need both of them to connect to Unifi AP-Pro so need to have both VLans go the respective ports.  So I was trying to group the two together but is it possible to do so?  Thanks


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          jwable Frequent Visitor

          The below commands would be entered in the Command Line from either a Telnet, SSH session or from a Console port connection.  I have used Adtran switches with UniFi AP's with no issue. 

          You would first create the new VLAN:


          configure terminal

          vlan 90

          name "GuestWiFi"


          Then configure any port the AP is connected to as the following substitute the X for the switch port number, substitute your AP ID for Y. :


          interface switch 0/X

          description "UnifiAP_Y"

          switchport mode trunk

          switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,90



          John Wable

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