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    Netvanta 3140 Desktop Fix Port router - Dual WAN - Having issues routing an address range to use a specific WAN

    pfraczkowski New Member

      Hello everyone,


      I am a new Adtran customer and looking for help setting up a route-map.  I am new to the CLI programming of routers and the WebGUI is difficult to use but I am learning as I go.


      Before making using of my new device I would like to setup the same network map I currently have.


      I currently have two WAN connections. WAN1 and WAN2. My current setup and goal for the Netvanta device is route specific ips or ip ranges to use one of the two WAN connections



      -WAN1 - will handle my VOIP phones and server (these are all static ips routed to use WAN1)

      -WAN2 - will handle all the other devices on the network  (DHCP pool, ~


      Is this currently possible? If so, how do I go about accomplishing this?