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    Analog POTS Hunt Group for Adtran 550

    musicman New Member

      I have a PRI with two Quad-4 cards for ISDN and also a FXS-8 card for Analog POTS lines in an Atlas 550.    Is it possible to make a linear hunt group for just the 8 POTS Lines?

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          patrick Employee

          Yes it is possible.

          When you configure the FXS ports in the DIAL PLAN, and USER TERM, select the MODULE, and then select the fist PORT.

          Configure the IN#ACCEPT that will ring this "hunt group". Then under the IFCE CONFIG, set the "Number of Ports" to be "8" (move your cursor to the "1", hit <ENTER> and then type in "8").

          This will set the 8 ports into a linear hunt. Under the "Port Selection" you can change this from "Normal" (linear hunt) to "Circular" (circular hunt) if you choose. With a PRI "Aligned" should not be used.


          The other options, such as "Forward Disconnect", "Caller ID number" (this is for outbound calls), etc. can be configured to your preference.


          Hope this answers your question,