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    TA624 as a Channel Bank

    olideez New Member

      Im getting a PRI handoff from my vendor off a Adtran TA924e. But i need to break that down from digital to analog. So basically it would be Carrier----->to Adtran924E T1PRI-------->Adtran TA624------->60 block------>analog phones. In this scenario do i set the TA624 as a channel bank and if so is there a basic onfiguration for that there is no pbx in this location its just mainly for inbound traffic into some incoder device.

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          ebohlman New Member

          The 924e already has 24 analog FXS ports. If you have access to the configuration or your vendor is willing to set it up for you, you can just associate those ports with your incoming numbers and skip the need for PRI.


          If that's not practical, you can use a 624 but you'll need a DSX model.

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            jayh Hall_of_Fame

            You don't need the 624. The TA924e has the same 24 FXS ports as a 624. It can natively deliver 24 analog ports from a SIP carrier handoff, a PRI carrier handoff, or both.