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    Can't sign on to Netvanta 1234P

    mjj4golf New Member

      I have been trying to config a guest network using a Ubiquiti USG 3p router, AP AC Pro's, and the 1234P switch.  Trying to use vlan for the guest and was doing some config and experimenting on the switch.  I am not exactly sure what I did but the non-guest network(wireless) is on 192.168.0.x and the guest is 192.168.3.x.  The switch has an address of and I was able to login as the admin using that address-- but I can't anymore.  Is there an alternate way to get in to the switch?

      I really don't want to reset the thing because I don't have a backup nor do I have a copy of the current config.


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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          You can connect to the console port with a DB-9 serial cable. Configure your terminal for 9600-N-8-1. This should get you to the CLI where you can log in, fix the problem, and back up the configuration.


          If you locked yourself out with a configuration command and you weren't able to save the configuration, a simple power-cycle will cause the switch to reboot with the last saved configuration.