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      I have several NV1550 and NV1638 switches deployed. I'm seeing the following in the syslogs:


      NV1638 (running R12.3.4)

      HTTP_CLIENT: SEND_HEADER errorCode 253


      NV1550  (running R12.3.4)

      HTTP_CLIENT: SEND_HEADER errorCode 103


      I have found in other KB articles references to similar messages but with different errorCodes (HTTP_CLIENT SEND_HEADER errorCode 0). We've upgraded our n-command to the most recent release as of last Thursday and noticed no change. In the 1638, I tried the following as well and it made no difference.


      auto-link https allow-tls1.0

      http secure-server allow-tls1.0


      These types of messages are filling up my logs and I would like to gain more insight into their cause and how to remediate.


      Thank you,