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    Anyone else have problems with Adtran 10G MM SFPs (part 1700485F1) not supported on NV1638?

    mkreikemeier New Member

      Is anyone else having problems with 10G MM fiber SFPs? I ordered 16 10G MM SFPs (Adtran part 1700485F1) from our Adtran distributor. 10 of the SFPs are manufactured by FCI and work as expected with installed in a 1638P ActivChassis stack. There are 6 SFPs manufactured by Ligent Photonics that show  (SFP module inserted is not supported). Switch stacks are running AOS v13.2.1 which is supposed to fix the SFP incompatibility problem but it does not. The fiber connections on the Ligent SFPs will come up but are not stable, they will eventually drop. The only way to get them back up again is to shut/no shut on the interfaces. I have opened a support ticket with Adtran but they claim the Ligent SFPs are supported and I shouldn't be having this problem.