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    1 PRI and 3 FXS cards to faxes--Check my config

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      What is the basic setup procedure? I want each FXS to have its own number. I also want that number to be the outgoing caller ID for each port. My PRI will use B8ZS, NI-2 abd ESF. I am looking through the manual but I need to get this ready very soon.

      Does this look like it will route calls from the PRI to the unique ten digit In#Accept number I added to each FXS port? I am receiving ten digits from the PRI and want to send the DID number back out as outgoing caller id.


      Network Termx #    Slot/Svc    Port/PEP  Sig Out#Accept   Out#Rej   Ifce Config

      Network Term   x  1  N1)T1/PRI-1  1)T1/PRI  PRI     [$]       [--]         [+]



        National ISDN

      First DS0                 1

      x Number of DS0s            23

      x Outgoing Number Conv.     ISDN-National As Dialed

      x Strip MSD                 None

      x Ntwrk Spec. Fac. - Voice  Normal

      x Ntwrk Spec. Fac. - Data   Normal

      x Called Digits Transfered  All

      x Outgoing Caller ID        Send as provided

      x Source ID                 0

        x Swap ANI/DNIS             Disabled

         x B Channel Selection       Normal

         x Busy Option               Normal



      Network Termx  #   Slot/Svc    Port/PEP  Sig  In#Accept   Out#Rej   Ifce Config

      User Term   x  1  S1)FXS-8     1)FXS 1/1     [715xxxxxxx]    [+]      [Port=1]

      Global Paramx  2  S1)FXS-8     2)FXS 1/2     [715xxxxxxx]    [+]      [Port=2]

                  x  3  S1)FXS-8     3)FXS 1/3     [715xxxxxxx]    [+]      [Port=3]

                  x  4  S1)FXS-8     4)FXS 1/4     [715xxxxxxx]    [+]      [Port=4]

                  x  5  S1)FXS-8     5)FXS 1/5     [715xxxxxxx]    [+]      [Port=5]

                  x  6  S1)FXS-8     6)FXS 1/6     [715xxxxxxx]    [+]      [Port=6]

                  x  7  S1)FXS-8     7)FXS 1/7     [715xxxxxxx]    [+]      [Port=7]

                  x  8  S1)FXS-8     8)FXS 1/8     [715xxxxxxx]    [+]      [Port=8]



      Incoming Number Accept Listx #  Src ID  Accept Number  Search  Data 64K  Data 56

      Incoming Number Accept Listx 1     0      715xxxxxxx   Primary  Enabled   Enable



      Incoming Number Accept Listx Ports Available         !sssssss

                                x Number of Ports         1

                                x Signaling Method        Loop Start

                                 x Forward Disconnect      600 mS

                                 x Direct Inward Dialing   Enabled

                                 x Caller ID number        715xxxxxxx

                                 x DID Digits Transferred  10

                                 x Strip MSD               None

                                 x Source ID               0

                                 x Port Selection          Normal

                                 x Dial on Offhook         --

                                 x ANI to Caller ID        Enabled


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        • Re: 1 PRI and 3 FXS cards to faxes--Check my config
          patrick Employee

          I was just writing up an answer, but it looks like you figured it all out.

          Under the USER TERM, under the IFCE CONFIG for the FXS ports, the "Caller ID number" is the outbound caller ID transmitted on an call originated from that FXS port.

          You configuration looks spot-on! Good job!


          Obviously you'll need to add the Slot 2 and Slot 3 ports, but I believe you have it.


          One thing to know, is that if the inbound number is 10 digits, under the DIAL PLAN and GLOBAL PARAM, make sure there is no AREA or CITY CODE configured in there (otherwise it will route based on the number minus the area code).


          Also, under NUMBER COMPLETE TEMPLATES, the ATLAS defaults to 7-digit local dialing, so if you are in a 10-digit dialing area you'll need to change the first entry from "NXX-XXXX" to "NXX-NXX-XXXX".


          Take care,