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    2 PRIs, 2 pbxs

    jimtgs New Member

      I have two Nortel BCM telephone systems, each with their own PRI on the same floor of a building. They are related companies.  System A is out of available DIDs and does not want to buy any more DIDs from their PRI provider.  System B has 25+ spare DIDs that are usable.   Can I equip a 550 with 2 Network PRI and 2 Equipment (PBX) Pri and switch over incoming DIDs from one PRI to the other PBX? I believe this is possible.


      If customer buys more DIDs it obligates them for 2 more years of service and they want to get away from this provider. I believe this is a workaround and eventually considlidate both PBXs on 1 PRI via the Atlas.

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          patrick Employee

          Yes. The ATLAS can do this.

          Your configuration will all be under the DIAL PLAN. The Telco PRIs will be configured under the NETWORK TERM, each with an OUT#ACCEPT of "$", and the customer PRIs will be configured under the USER TERM, and you can specify the DID's, or DID range under the IN#ACCEPT list.


          I would also configure one user PRI with a SOURCE ID of "1", then under the NETWORK TERM, configure the associated Telco PRI's OUT#ACCEPT to accept the SID=1. This will keep outbound calls from one customer on the associated PRI to the telco. Otherwise outbound calls would all go out the first PRI until it was full, then start on the second PRI.