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    Cannot connect Via Telnet or SSH?

    mblack77 New Member

      First time using the 3140.  908's connect and work fine from Gui but this one wants to telnet/SSH connect and I'm not getting in.  Using Putty.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Are you getting a login prompt but authentication fails, or no login prompt, or connection refused?


          What does the last few lines of your configuration look like beginning with "line telnet 0 4"

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              ykurovsky New Member

              I have a very similar situation, have a 3140, we've used them before, and have always run into this, which is unite runs and performs nicely.  We can use web console, or serial console, but the ssh-server.  We never get that running.


              line ssh 0 4

                 login local-userlist

                 no shutdown


              But can't connect to giga 0/1, which is the LAN port for us, in this case  When you look at the web interface, and the config file, both state the ssh-server is on.  What am I missing?  Do I need to assign it to giga 0/1 or port forward it to that port?

              I'm not quite sure what "line" refers to;


              Thank you for any help or direction you can give.