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    BSAP 3040 Version 3.0.1-HC and 3.1.0-HB has been released to solve a critical reboot issue

    evanh Employee

      A critical reboot issue was recently discovered on the BSAP 3040 that was seen in dense environments with a large number of clients. A hotfix has been released to resolve this for software version 3.0.1 and 3.1.0. Use the associated version shown below depending on your vWLAN version:


      vWLAN VersionBSAP 3040 Version
      vWLAN 3.0.1BSAP 3.0.1-HC   (Hotfix C)
      vWLAN 3.1.0BSAP 3.1.0-HB   (Hotfix B)


      Release Fixes:


      • Resolved a critical reboot due to Wireless Network Management Functions


      For information on upgrading your APs, please see Upgrading BlueSocket vWLAN Controllers and Access Points.


      Only the BSAP 3040 is affected by this issue so this firmware applies only to that AP version. If you are running other BSAPs you do not need to upgrade firmware at this time.


      Follow this link to download the BSAP 3040 Firmware: BSAP 3040/3045