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    Any way besides ring groups to have multiple phones ring?  (Can't log individuals in ring groups.)

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      In our organization we have two people tasked with answering the phone.  They each have their own extension and those two extensions are part of a ring group number.  So, receptionist 1 = 1111, receptionist 2 = 2222, and ring group for these two = 3333.


      I can get absolutely every call detail I need from the Syslogs (this is a Netvanta UC Server and a Netvanta 7100) EXCEPT: when a call comes in the main line, ring group 3333 is programmed to answer.  Obviously either 1111 or 2222 extensions have to actually pick up the phone to continue the call.


      In the syslogs the call always shows as being handled by extension 3333, the ring group.  Nowhere does it show how many calls the receptionist at 1111, or at 2222, actually handled.


      Bottom line being, I can't tell if one receptionist is answering all of the calls or not.  All syslog will record is the ring group.


      Syslog shows exacting detail for every other extension, but that 3333 ring group completely masks extensions 1111 and 2222.


      Is there a way to determine how many calls an individual member of a ring group actually answered (or ignored)?  Is there another way, besides ring groups, to set up the main phone ringing so that syslog will record what actions extensions 1111 and 2222 take?


      See where I'm going with this?  When a ring group is involved, it doesn't seem possible to figure out how much work the individual members of the ring group are actually doing.  While this isn't our primary business, it seems this "feature" would be absolutely vital for something like a call center.


      Does anyone have any ideas?  I'm open to reconfiguring the system, and even more drastic measures, to figure out which of the two receptionists on this ring group are picking up on the calls (and what they're doing with them).  Again, syslog handles this perfectly for every other aspect of the system.


      ANY help is appreciated!

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          dmac New Member


               Need some additional information such as system you are working with, 7100 is what I am assuming.

          What is the "Max Inbound Calls" set to?

          What is the "Ring Group Type" set to: "Linear Hunt Group", "All Ring" or "UCD"?

          Are you using any "Call Detail" application such as RSI Shadow CMS to process the SMDR data?



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              bpb New Member

              Yes, Netvanta 7100 connected with the AdTran Netvanta UC 420 Platform Server.  (Netvanta ECS.)

              The syslog data gives me exactly what I want: call_identifier (for piecing together the sequence of a call), start_time, ring_time, hold_time, total_call_minutes, call_type, calling_party_name, calling_party_number, answering_number, call_finish_indicator, dialed_number, call_status

              Those are the fields I save from the syslog into an SQL database where I can run queries to get the information I need.  We had tried RSI Shadow CMS but they weren't able to get the ring groups split up to tell who was actually picking up the phone in a ring group; the rest I was able to get from syslog into an SQL server and with some Perl I could accomplish the same thing.  (We aren't concerned with costs of calls or billing codes or any of that type information - just who's picking up the phone and where are they sending the call.)

              Let me see...the ring group is set to "All Ring".

              No "Call Detail" application; I just have the syslogs sent to a syslog collector as above.

              "Max Inbound Calls"...is that in the UC ECS Server or the 7100?  (Although, and I don't know if this matters for this field or not, has the same behavior regardless of the current load on the system.)  I'll try to figure this out; I've been working with just the syslogs and rudimentary user assignments for a while now so I'll have to review to get this.

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              bpb New Member

              Here's an example of the call logs in the UC ECS Server itself.  I was told that complete call logs on the ECS are stored here: C:\Program Files (x86)\ADTRAN\NetVanta UC Server\SIPPBX\ipdr


              So I looked at the log files in that location, but the same problem exists.  (I've changed the IP addresses and phone numbers/extensions consistently, for privacy reasons.)


              You can see where the "originalDestinationId" is that ring group, 3333.  There are also "destinationId" entries for the two members of the ring group, 1111 and 2222, but subsequent entries in this log file only show the ring group extension handling the call.  (See the "go-3333" entry where the call was transferred.)

              So the ECS system isn't logging what the individual ring group members are doing.










              <x-callDisplay><![CDATA[WIRELESS CALLER]]></x-callDisplay>

















              <x-callDisplay><![CDATA[WIRELESS CALLER]]></x-callDisplay>




              <supplementaryService>call forwarding</supplementaryService>




              I also tried looking at log files on the ECS at this location but with the same (lack of) results.  C:\Program Files (x86)\ADTRAN\NetVanta UC Server\SIPPBX\logs\CALLROUTER\


              It's baffling to me that the system doesn't record actions that members of a ring group take, especially when Syslog entries provide such detailed information otherwise.


              This sums it up perfectly, from Syslog.  (Main number changed to 9999, receptionist ring group changed to 3333, end user [not a member of the receptionist ring group] changed to 5555, calling number changed to 9999999999, for privacy reasons].)


              Going by the call identifier, we see the external call come in to the main line.  It's grabbed by the ring group, someone on the ring group answers and transfers the call to an end user, and we see the end user's voice mail pick up.  So I've got absolutely everything I need from Syslog EXCEPT what the ring group members are doing!


              |  618125     04/12/2018 08:16:16 00:00 00:00:00 0:00:00:02 0    E T03 01/01 CALLER,NAME   9999999999      00/01 T02             9999            N 9999            N  v2 |

              |  618125     04/12/2018 08:16:17 00:03 00:00:00 0:00:00:40 0    I T03 01/01 CALLER,NAME   9999999999      00/01 T02             3333            N 3333            F  v2 |

              |  618125     04/12/2018 08:17:21 00:23 00:00:00 0:00:00:00 0    I T03 01/01 CALLER,NAME   9999999999      00/00 T02             5555            N 5555            F  v2 |

              |  618125     04/12/2018 08:17:20 00:00 00:00:00 0:00:00:12 0    I T03 01/01 CALLER,NAME   9999999999      00/01 T02             vm-5555         Y 5555            F  v2 |