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    Issue with router not forwarding DHCP request to the IP helper address

    bremmer New Member

      We have an office with a Netvanta 1238 with a VLAN trunk port connected to an 802.1Q interface on an Adtran 900e. The 900e interface has sub-interfaces for each of the VLANS configured on the 1238. Each sub-interface has IP helper configured pointing to our DHCP server at the Corporate office. When a new machine on one of the vlans sends a DHCP request broadcast I don't ever see this traffic on the other end. It seems the router isn't forwarding this traffic to the IP helper address.

      My vlan trunk on the 1238 allows all vlan traffic. When a machine sends out a broadcast from, let's say, vlan 60, doesn't the switch tag this as vlan 60 before sending up the trunk, or am I missing something? The Router belongs to our ISP, so I don't have access to that.