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    force to dial "local"

    chriga New Member

      this is probably pretty simple for those that do this everyday but , I am at best a part time administrator of this system... so here is what we are trying to do. I have two offices one in the 916 area code and one in the 702 area code. both are configured to only dial out from the local PRI . what I would like to do is have all the 916 calls go out through the 916 pri and the 702 calls go out through the 702 pri . not sure where I would need to set this. the main office (916) is on a 7100 and the remote (702) is on a 6355 . any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Establish a SIP trunk between the two units. You probably already have this for interoffice calls. On the unit in the 916 area code, add the strings 702-NXX-XXXX and 1-702-NXX-XXXX as accept strings on the voice grouped-trunk for the SIP trunk to the other office. Do the same thing in reverse on the other side. Depending on dialplan and formatting you may need to do some match-substitute tricks, for example adding or stripping a leading 1.