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    Unable to create more than 10 Vlan interfaces

    speedy New Member

      Hello everyone,


      I have a NetVanta 1534 Gen 2 running firmware R13.1.0.HA. I try creating the interface vlan via web and console and get same error: SW1(config)#interface vlan 20 %A new VLAN Interface could not be created.

      If I delete one of the old one, I can recreate the interface, but will not let me an 11 vlan interface. Please advise. Thank you

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Do you really need more than ten VLAN interfaces, or just more than ten VLANs on the switch?


          VLAN interfaces are needed when the switch itself uses the VLAN interface for layer 3 routing. The routing engine in a layer 3 switch is less powerful than that of a router, so there are some limitations.


          However, if you need more than ten VLANs on the switch as separate layer 2 domains, this isn't a problem. Just add the VLAN in global configuration. You don't need a VLAN interface. If in fact you're trying to do layer 3 routing among more than ten routed interfaces, you may need to trunk from the switch to a router and do the routing there.