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    Problems setting up SNMP on 1 of over 30 adtran devices - how to prove is unit is defective

    msmith New Member

      snmp agent

      snmp-server engineID remote 800002980300a0c83f0ce4

      snmp-server user SNMP HCU_GROUP v3 auth sha encrypted 252ced133e2da04fdcae5d4f6a8f51cf3304 priv des encrypted 252ced133e2da04fdcae5d4f6a8f51cf3304

      snmp-server group HCU_GROUP v3 priv



      Fife#debug snmp pac



      Received a SNMP packet to be processed.


      SNMP V3 RX: REPORT PDU from (community=)

        VRF = -DEFAULT-


      SNMP decode_pkt  error: sending an error packet.


      SNMP V3 TX: REPORT PDU to (community=)

        VRF = -DEFAULT-