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    Are Polycom vvx 501s supported on a NetVanta 7100

    netman New Member

      Our vendor no longer sells the VVX 410 or 500 so we got 501s. The phones register but I'm having some weird issues. I have the phone config's model set to the Adtran/Polycom VVX500. Is this causing issues or is there a way to add the 501s to the phone globals as a selectable model?

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          markfreeman Employee

          I did some interop testing with the 501s and they worked with the 7100. I just used the VVX 500 model.


          What things are you seeing?


          There is not a way to add the 501 to the drop down list unfortunately.



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              netman New Member

              If the user turns on Do not disturb with the DND button it will turn on but then it will not let them turn it back off. I also setup a simple auto attendant with transfers to extensions on the main line (ie press 1 for user1, press 2 for user2, ect). Yesterday afternoon it was working great. Then of course when I get four hours away from the site around 3:30pm it stopped working and will give a message that "the person at extension 2xx is unavailable, please leave a message." I then called in around 10:30pm last night and it was working again. Then this morning it was back to doing the unavailable message. The phones show registered and the users can place calls/ listen to voicemail / answer the main line just fine, just not get a call from the auto attendant. The really weird part is that I can call them via the dial by extension on the auto attendant, just not from the transfer to a phone number function. My only thinking is that DND is getting weirded out.



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              jayh Hall_of_Fame

              The problem is that DND by default can be set either locally in the phone or by the PBX. If it's set locally in the phone then it has to be disabled in the phone.


              You'll need to tweak a setting in the Polycom config file XML. I'm not that familiar with the 7100 series. When the Polycom boots it downloads a number of files containing XML commands. The phones are capable of enabling local DND by softkey which essentially returns a 486 when called. You'll want to reprogram that softkey to disable that feature and instead use the DND feature of the 7100. Or hide the DND key and have the user turn it on and off with the star code for the PBX. Search for the Polycom user guide for your phone's firmware to edit the file.


              Otherwise look at the options in the 7100 for the phone configuration files and see if there's a DND setting that you can tweak. The VVX500 and VVX501 are pretty similar.