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    Activating interfaces

    artbev New Member

      Preface: I'm not an IT expert


      We have an Adtran Netvana 3200 router with a T1 Wan interface.


      The T1 interface seemed to be dead, plugging into our Verizon smart jack doesn't affect the status LED's, they stay the same as with nothing connected.


      I am able to get in via the console port, and use the CLI


      In the CLI, show interface T1 1/1 yields "t1 1/1 is admin down"


      I decided to go in through the Ethernet port, but that doesn't connect either - no indication at all on my mini hub.


      the show interface eth 0/1 yields "eth 0/1 is admin down. line protocol is DOWN"


      Is there a step to activate these interfaces, or do I have an equipment failure?


      Thanks, Art