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    International Call Failing - Netvanta 7100 (t1 PRI)

    chris1337c New Member



      I am new to the forums.


      Location: USA

      Hardware: Netvanta 7100

      Firmware Version: cFLASH NV7100A-A4-12-00-E.biz


      T1 -> PRI


      Enabled International Calling on the executive class of user, applied to all user accounts.

      Dial Plan: 9-011-$    (9 to get outside line on this setup)

      ISDN Num Templates: 011X$     No prefix   Type international plan E.164


      Verified the number template is not on the non-permitted list, also this same setup works on another Netvanta 7100 that we have without a hitch. The phones are Polycom 32x/33x


      ISP is informing me "Your PBX is sending us a 00 after the 11, this is causing the calls to fail routing. It should just be 01144, we are receiving 0110044##########


      Any insight would be appreciated.