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    2820 not echoing screen back on remote session until I reboot the SCU.

    rrosenthal New Member

      I thought I had lost remote access to a 2820. I can ping the IP without issue, but when I tried to telnet to it, I just got a blank screen. I could type on the screen but it appeared that nothing was happening. I noticed that if I hit the 7 key, Putty would close. This was telling me that I was getting to the 2820 but it was not echoing back the screen info for me to see. I tried again but with the options to reboot the SCU (1,2,8,y) ...it worked. The next time I logged in, I was getting the screen to populate like it should. What could be the cause of this. It will work correctly for 5 minutes sometimes and 30 days other times. I don't mind doing this workaround, but there is a large repair team behind me that I don't want to just be typing in stuff that could cause an issue.