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    6240 DID (or DNIS) routing between trunks

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      Hey all,


      We have a 6240 in our lab with a SIP Trunk, 2 PRI's and FXS loops connected to a ShoreTel PBX.  I want to direct specific incoming DID's to one of the mentioned trunks on the 6240, how do I do that?  I realize I am over simplifying the question but I am not familiar with the Adtran OS.


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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Generically, you create one or more voice grouped-trunk profiles. Each of them contains a list of destination patterns, kind-of-regular-expression-ish, of numbers to accept and/or reject. A cost can be assigned to each pattern.


          Each grouped-trunk has one or more voice trunks associated with it.


          When a destination pattern arrives, it is compared to the "accept" patterns of the voice grouped-trunks on the unit. Most specific match wins. In case of a tie for most specific, lowest cost wins.

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