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    SNMP Polling

    fbal New Member


      SNMP polling must be able to provide near real-time data (e.g. 1min). In latest vwlan version (3.0.1), the smallest interval we can use is 5 minutes, so we can assume that these are near real-time data.


      All in-between user sessions should also be taken into account in the SNMP results (e.g. when a user login and logouts inside the same 5 minute period, his session should be counted). Is not counted for the moment.

      Is this something buggy or we should issue a feature request?




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          dpeterson New Member

          While accuracy of “real-time” data in vWLAN has improved over the last several releases, it is STILL not something I can count on.  I don’t know what’s going on under the hood, but if SNMP is pulling the same inaccurate data as in the GUI stats has then you’re out of luck.  I would dearly love them to fix this even if it means more CPU and memory for the vWLAN controller.  The fact they’ve not made better progress hints to me they’re bumping up against some architectural issue in the software design.


          To anyone from Adtran - the option to reply to his E-mail posting his question doesn't work - gets bounced.