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    How do I upload and install factory default config file on a NetVanta 1238

    aesa New Member

      I have downloaded the factory default config file (default-config-123x.cfg) from the Support section. I performed a factory reset using CLI but still cannot access the GUI following all the instructions step by step. I have made numerous attempts at activating the GUI with instructions from this site as well as many I found doing Google searches.  Most of the line commands return an error message stating command is unrecognized. Every command from "no ip firewall" to "end" fails as unrecognized.


      • Switch>enable
      • Switch#configure terminal
      • Switch (config)#ip http server
      • Switch (config)#username admin password password
      • Switch (config)#no ip firewall
      • Switch (config)#int eth 0/1
      • Switch (config-intf-eth 0/1)#ip address
      • Switch (config-intf-eth 0/1))#no shut
      • Switch (config-intf-eth 0/1))#end
      • Switch (config)#exit
      • Switch#write


      I would greatly appreciate a step-by-step that works or a link to same that will show me how to upload and install the factory default config using the CLI.