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    Can I restrict a client to a specific AP?

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      Hello, I am running 3.0.1 of the vwlan software. I have a client (network camera) that starts out using the AP closest to it but then wanders off and uses one that's farther and then loses connection. The SSID is the same on both APs. I have to drop the client from the Clients page in the Web GUI of vlwan and then it reconnects back to the closest AP. Is there any way to bind a particular client to the MAC address of the closest AP?




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          There isn't a way outside of creating a separate SSID.  Clients make the decision when to roam and what APs to connect to so it may be something odd specifically with that client. Do you have minimum transmit rate on (in Configuration->Wireless->AP templates and then select your AP template)? Having that on could possibly influence that decision (I would turn it off to test).




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