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    Rollover network termination

    tguarriello New Member

      I'm new to the Atlas 550.I have two telco (network) PRIs and various User PRI and FXS ports. I would like all traffic outbound from all users to use both network PRIs as a bank of 46 unrestricted channels. When I look at the dial plan, I see the correct two PRIs set up under Network Term. One of them has [--]  as Out#Accept with no other configuration, the second has [--] for Out#Accept and [--] for Out#Reject. It seems like outbound calls are routed only to PRI1. Unfortunately, I cannot find the meaning of [--] anywhere in the manual. I'm guessing that it is some kind of undocumented wildcard (seeing that - is an ignored character), but I don't want to mess with it until I am sure. Can someone explain the [--] to me and tell me whether or not outbound calls should roll from one network port to the next if all outbound numbers are accepted on both? Should the Out#Accept just be [$] for both interfaces? 

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          patrick Employee

          Actually the "--" shouldn't allow any calls out. The OUT#REJECT having "--" is fine, as it indicates no numbers will be rejected, but the OUT#ACCEPT of "--" shouldn't allow any calls to go out.

          I've seen a completely blank OUT#ACCEPT act as a wild-card but never "--". Is there a second line in the OUT#ACCEPT that is empty?

          It should really have "$" to allow any number out.


          Hope this helps,