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    NV 5660 config error question

    kanselm New Member

      Hello,  I will admit that I am really new to AOS and the uses of its commands.  I am trying to work through some config errors on my NV5660.  I have pasted the current error I am getting below.

      I am quite sure that I am experiencing a syntax issue with my subnet mask in my CLI programming.  After staring at it over and over and pulling out what remains of my hair, I can not seem to see the problem.  Could one of you AOS professionals please review this for me?


      I sincerely thank you in advance.






      ******** Error in line 170 of startup-config ********


      7920LakeStreet(config-giga-eth 0/1)#ip address


      %Bad mask for address

      interface gigabit-eth 0/1

        description LAN BLOCK

        ip address

        no shutdown

        no lldp send-and-receive


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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          I would say that either it's a cosmetic bug, there is a non-printing character in the entry (maybe a tab instead of a space?), or there is an IP conflict with a different interface, although that should throw a different error.


 is a perfectly acceptable address for a /29 of


          You can't use (network) or (broadcast) but nothing wrong with what you have.


          I see what looks like a fragment of a line. Are you copying and pasting this from a text file to a 9600-baud console port? Perhaps you are overrunning a buffer if so. I'd take it in smaller chunks if so and let the buffer catch up.


          Also, try entering the command "ip classless". It should be on by default since around the turn of the century.

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            michael56 New Member



            You have a bit more than a syntax issue there. The 5660 is basically a switch first and a router secondly. You cannot apply an IP address to a "switchport" so you need to build the sub interface such as below:


            interface gigabit-eth 0/1

              no shutdown


            interface gigabit-eth 0/1.1

              ce-vlan-id untagged

            ip address

              no shutdown


            Now you made it a Layer 3 device and can have an IP assigned to it.That should do it for you! This info is in Adtran's AOS online .pdf documentation as well.