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    Prepend areal code on NetVanta 3140 with SBC

    vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

      I am wondering if there is a way to Prepend the area code when the PBX dials a 7-digit number.  My customer has switched from a PRI to a hosted SIP provider.  The SIP carrier requires 10-digit dialing, but the customer is used to doing 7-digit dialing.  Is there a way to prepend the local area code on 7-digit calls?


      I know you can do it in the Total Access products.  This is a NetVanta 3140 with the SBC license installed and configured.


      Currently configured as follows:


      voice grouped-trunk SV9100

        trunk T02

        accept 911 cost 0

        accept NXXX cost 0

        accept 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

        accept NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0

        accept NXX-XXXX cost 0



      Any guidance would be appreciated.