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    Lost Http and Https after upgrading to R12.3.0.SA

    halplease New Member

      Im only able to access the device remotely via ssh and im not able to get a Gui on the Netvanta 3448. I've looked for the http secure-server's certificate (show http secure-server certificate) but its completely blank and when I try to regenerate the certificate (http secure-server certificate regenerate) it says "%Could not perform operation". Ive wiped my browser's cache like the release notes talked about. Ive tried allow-sslv3 and allow-tls1.0 and an alternate port and still not able to get a GUI. ive check the acl's and the priority of webadmin in the policy. i honestly dont believe its an issue with as far as the policies are concerned but with the certificate. Is there another way for me to get a http ssl certificate on the NV and if not why am i getting an error when trying to regenerate the certificate.

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          michael56 New Member

          dumb question here.....


          By chance after the upgrade did your device default to :


          no ip http server

          no ip http secure-server


          You may need to just re-enable the http/https global setting in the router.

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            pjones0033 New Member

            I had the same issue on a TA908 in the field.  However my http works but the https does not work.  Here is the read out from that portion of the config:

            no tftp server

            no tftp server overwrite

            http server

            http secure-server

            no snmp agent

            no ip ftp server

            no ip scp server

            no ip sntp server


            Tried disabling and enabling it again.  Must be some bug.

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              cha_ching New Member

              For anybody reading this post with same question. Here is an excerpt from a trouble ticket I opened with Adtran.


              There is a recently discovered issue in R12.3.1 in which
              the HTTP certificate is not properly generated on boot.  If the unit was previously running firmware
              prior to R11.7.0, the HTTP certificate will not exist on flash.  This issue will be fixed in R12.3.2


              There are a few options here:


              1. Downgrade to
                R11.10.7.HA and remain on that software 2.
                Downgrade to R11.10.7.HA and then re-upgrade to R12.3.1 3.  Wait until R12.3.2 releases