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    One way audio

    frank6160 New Member

      7100 SIP trunks to Clearfly. No audio. Checked site against another and all programming looks correct. Attached cofig.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          You have a route-map VOIP applied to your VLAN 2 interface with the phones pointing the next hop to the tunnel. Is this what you want?


          You have a loopback interface named "SIP media gateway" but your VLAN 2 interface is configured "media-gateway ip primary" and not "media-gateway ip loopback 1".


          These are a couple of things that look odd. Without a bigger picture of what you're trying to accomplish I can't tell exactly what is failing. SIP debugs showing SDP might shed some light.




          Now that you've posted this here, please change ASAP:

          Shared secret on your IPSec tunnels

          SIP credentials to Clearfly.

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              frank6160 New Member

              Trying to add SIP trunks to this site. Has another 7100 at other end of tunnel. Not sure if it(tunnel) is working. Another tech set it up. He's no longer with company. Will be adding SIP to other end soon.  I can call a number on SIP trunks, get auto attendant and hear it but when I connect to a set there is one way audio. The Adtran party can hear outside party  but outside party can't hear Adtran user. The SIP provider has a test number I can dial and it has an audio check feature. I can speak to it and it will replay what I said. That works. I can say something and it plays it back.  I tried to delete info on config but can't seem to save it.