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    AOS R12.3.1 released for the Netvanta 1500/1600 Series

    adtran-support Employee

      AOS R12.3.1 was released and posted for the NetVanta 1500/1600 series. R12.3.1 is a maintenance release only. It includes bug fixes found since the release of R12.3.0. It does not include any of the features available in later feature releases. Please reference the AOS R12.3.1 Release Notes for specific details. The NetVanta 1500/1600 series firmware can be downloaded from the firmware landing page links for each product below.


      Firmware Links
      NetVanta 1534/1534P (1st gen)
      NetVanta 1544/1544F/1544P (1st gen)
      NetVanta 1531/1531P
      NetVanta 1534/1534P (2nd Gen)
      NetVanta 1544/1544P (2nd Gen)
      NetVanta 1535P
      NetVanta 1550-24/1550-48/1550-24P/1550-48P
      NetVanta 1638/1638P



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