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    Netvanta 3120 crashes while viewing "Top Graphic - Top Talkers - Top Listeners"

    hecs1969 New Member

      The following occurs while viewing the reports:

      OPERATING_SYSTEM:CORE DUMP R11.10.7.HA.E\source/Kernel/Private/Impl/AdAlloc.cpp#887: AdFatal(OUT OF MEMORY - Called from 0x000197D8 for 524288 (92592 free).  StackTrc:  00051958 00051CDC 000528C8 00053F0C 000197D8 0001993C 00016B84 00016AB8 00A29798 00A2BC44 00A5259C 00A4FC2C 00055900 0005E088 ....Regs: r1=0x00000000 r2=0x0000003e r3=0x023876a4 r4=0x00000000 r5=0x028c7f9c r6=0x00000000 r7=0x028c7fb8 r8=0x000169b0 r9=0x00000000 r10=0x03cf3410 r11=0x034ae910 r12=0x028c7f37 r13=0x000319dd r14=0x00018cee r15=0x02247eab r16=0x00008000 r17=0x00000001 r18=0x03cf4000 r19=0x02387666 r20=0x00080000 r21=0x000197d8 r22=0x00000000 r23=0x0224e448 r24=0x00000000 r25=0x00000020 SP=0x028c7fd0 SR=0x10001400 HI=0x00000009 LO=0x00000000 FP=0x028c7fe8 RA=0x00051858 EPC=0x00051884.)


      Firewall keeps rebooting multiple times,

      Hopefully someone has seen this.