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    How to Radius Windows Server 8 R2?

    argonzalez New Member

      Hi, i want to configure port auth for wired computers in my network:


      Windows Server R2 64BIT


      1 - Active Directory Certificate Services

      2 - Active Directory Domain Services

      3 - DNS server

      4 - Network Policy and Acces Services


      Switch NetVanta 1534P

      Firmware: R11.2.0.HA


      aaa on


      radius-server enable-username


      radius-server host timeout 5 retransmit 10 key


      aaa authentication login LoginUseTacacs group tacacs+

      aaa authentication login LoginUseRadius group radius

      aaa authentication login LoginUseLocalUsers local

      aaa authentication login LoginUseLinePass line


      aaa authentication enable default enable


      aaa authentication port-auth default group radius



      Port configuration:

      interface gigabit-switchport 0/5

        spanning-tree edgeport

        no shutdown

        switchport access vlan 15

        switchport trunk native vlan 15

        switchport voice vlan 99

        port-auth port-control auto



      Windows Server Error:

      Reason Code: 48

      Reason: The connection request did not match any configured network policy.


      Windows Client Pc Error:

      EventID: 15514

      ErrorCode: 0x40420110

      ReasonCode: 0x50005


      documentation for this configuration:

      1 - Configuring 802.1X in AOS.pdf

      2 - Configuring Port Access Control in AOS.pdf


      Where is my error?