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    Upgrade from 3120 help

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      I have a 3120 which I have used for a couple years for both Voip and network traffic over my 20/3 mbps connection. We had some call dropping issues so we upgraded our connection to 50/50 mbps, but I was only seeing 25/10 mbps connectivity through the MV3120. I found the thread on this site that mentioned that 30 mbps was the max for the 3120, so I am looking for a replacement.


      My Voip provider (jive) suggested the 3140. They said if had 100 mbps download, but only 10mbps upload. So I am seeking a recommendation that will take advantage of my 50/50mbps connection both download and upload.


      Thanks for any advice.



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          The 3140 doesn't really know the difference between download and upload. It will handle 50/50 just fine, plenty more unless you are terminating IPSec tunnels on it, closer to 100 mbps symmetrical. Unlike the 3120 it has a real console port! Comes in a plastic case like the 3120 or for a few bucks more a real metal case with rack ears.